Stage 12 Thoughts

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Gaviria is so fast. These sprints have just been so legit. I love it. I was in a crappy mood before I watched the last 40k of this race and then I was in super high spirits. Another great day of fans, beautiful scenery, and a great finish. I have no idea what happened to Greipel and it sounds like Ewan broke some spokes.

Gaviria is definitely shining brighter than Ewan, but I think both together are elevating themselves to highest echelons of sprinting. The traditional top three pure sprinters of Cav, Kittel, and Greipel will soon need to be making room for these two on every race on the calendar. That said, I still do not see a Tour de France date for either of them yet. Orica is chock full of GC climbers with average (at best) TTs, Ewan will STILL need to step his game up even higher to ever make that Tour team. Meanwhile Gaviria is on the same team as Kittel who at 29 will probably still be at the zenith of his craft for at least another 2 or 3 years. Gaviria may be trying to focus on the classics so Quickstep will be the place to stay and Quickstep will probably also continue to hold onto Kittel as long as he produces many victories. So both Gaviria’s and Ewan’s Tour debuts could still be a few years off. But both are under 23 so that won’t be the end of the world and I bet unforeseen circumstances will allow for them to debut sooner than expected. And, who cares about the future right now, I think they and the fans are having quite the feast at the Giro right now!

I’m very excited to see the future of these two. Gaviria may go the Vuelta, I doubt Ewan does, but right now, I bet this same time next year they’ll both be squaring off for a rematch at this beautiful Giro.

Stage 13

Flat. Sprint. So of course the finish is tricky to have some sort of spice for the stage.

Two roundabouts in the last 3k and a big hard turn at the very end. Ewan is a renown crit rider and will try to keep pace with Gaviria. He and Orica won the most technical finish so far on Stage 7 so I’ll take Ewan tomorrow. Hopefully Greipel shows up and produces, but he’s definitely just better on a simple run it where he can man-handle and put down the power.


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